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Vulcaneo is an engineering company specialising in all areas of Fire Prevention and Safety and accessibility for the disabled. Vulcaneo employees are mostly former firefighter officers or SSI installers.

Vulcaneo is part of the Building & Facilities Department of Ingerop.

Vulcanéo performs the following tasks:

  • Board: diagnosis, safety audit, general plan emergency control director, technical assistance in all construction projects;
  • SSI coordination: advisory and design (NF S 61-931 and NF S 61-932);
  • Customised conferences with the theme of Fire Prevention and Safety.

Vulcaneo is a  consulting firm specialising in all areas of Fire Prevention and Safety, advises and supports the various players in construction or rehabilitation (project managers, architects, BET and companies), with which regulations apply.

  • Audits.
  • Safety procedures.
  • Assistance to project managers.
  • SSI coordination.
  • Conferences and training.
  • Disabled accessibility.
Areas of intervention

Fire Safety Prevention in recent years has become a specialty in its own right, indispensable, necessary for any proposed new construction or rehabilitation of existing buildings. The regulations in this area have become complex. The misunderstanding of these regulations can lead to over or under equipping which may cause damage to the projects. These engineers are specialist in design and decision-making.