Projet Cigéo – Centre industriel de stockage géologique (55)


Ingérop has been active in the nuclear sector for more than 20 years and continues to develop in France and internationally with electricity producers, the storage & repository industry and research. It is also exploring the fields opened up by renewable energies, together with efficient energy storage and transport solutions.

Exploring the new alternatives to carbon energy.
Services at any stages of a project
  • project management assistance (upstream missions, feasibility studies, master plans)
  • project management
  • consulting
  • audits, diagnostics, expertise
  • project management for all building trades (design - realisation)
  • special project management for group design - realisation
  • implementation studies
  • complex calculations
  • work supervision and testing, OPC
  • synthesis
Technical skills
  • industrial architecture / flow management / production simulation
  • process transformation
  • common and special handling
  • scientific calculations of mechanical, hydraulic, fluid and structure
  • fluids (gas and liquid)
  • heating, ventilation, air conditioning conventional
  • nuclear and special ventilation fan
  • mechanical, electromechanical and electrohydraulic
  • high current electricity, low voltage, instrumentation and control, industrial IT and supervision, instrumentation
  • geotechnics, foundations, VRD
  • civil engineering structures
Chiffres clés
Energy Business Line

Head of Energy: François Lauprêtre

Z.I. de Ladoux - 11 rue verte

BP 30200


Phone: +33 4 73 16 34 34