BEEM – Biomedical expertise
Biomedical Engineering and Equipment Management (BEEM) has been advising and supporting healthcare facilities for over 25 years, with players in public and private hospitals.
Integrated into the Ingerop group since April 2007, BEEM consists of a dynamic team of experienced biomedical engineers, combined with a privileged network of experts.
BEEM conducts consulting with stakeholders in public or private hospitals in the field of equipment.
Its interventions can be extended to targeted project management missions of equipment or reorganisation of medical services.
These missions synchronised to studies and sites allow completion on time and avoid many delays. BEEM complete Ingerop panel's proposed assignments in the field of health, or industrial or in the pharmaceutical research laboratory.

Because of its projects, BEEM has acquired, after years of expertise, advisory and support the ability to meet the design requirements of hospitals of tomorrow.


Services at all stages of a project

  • Hospital asset management (organisation, budget, inventory, purchasing process, monitoring of deliveries and installation).
  • Audit, analysis, technical and functional expertise.
  • Master plans.
  • Definition of medical, logistic and hotel equipment.
  • Management of equipment / building interfaces.
  • Micro-location.

Technical skills

  • Technical expertise.
  • Budget control.
  • Targeted communication for the participation of the many actors of the project.
  • Specific methodology adjusted to your needs.
Some examples
Building Business Line

Head of Building: Ludovic Vaz

18, rue des Deux Gares

92500 Rueil-Malmaison

Tél. +33 1 49 04 55 00