Ingérop supports the development of building projects from feasibility study up to the maintain and operate stage. Our expertise is structured around three main disciplines: consultancy, technical expertise and project management. We work on all types of buildings, for public and private clients. Our ability to address all the technical, methodological, and environmental issues in-house enables us to understand each project in all its complexity.

Design of efficient and sustainable buildings in which people can learn, live, work, be cared for and where they feel good.
Services at any stages of a project

Assistance and advice

  • technical audits, diagnostics, due diligence
  • public assistance
  • project management assistance
  • advice to investors and lenders
  • assistance with operation and maintenance


  • project management
  • technical studies (audits, diagnostics ...)
  • technical project management
  • implementing project management
  • OPC
  • BIM Management
  • implementation studies (2D, 3D)
  • synthesis studies (2D, 3D)
  • economy of the project 
  • fire prevention
  • SSI coordination
  • equipment plans (inventories, procurement, locations)


Technical skills

Ingerop is close to its customers and an engineering partner for all types of missions. The company offers to its clients a wide range of technical skills with the most modern tools and is focused on innovation.

  • management
  • geotechnical, hydraulic
  • structure
  • facades and envelopes
  • heating, ventilation, air conditioning
  • plumbing - medical fluids
  • high current electricity
  • low current electricity
  • BIM, digital mockup
  • economy
  • HQE
  • safety, security
  • biomedical and laboratory equipment
  • automated transport
  • roads, networks.
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