Code of integrity

Our Integrity

Our Commitment to Anti-Corruption

The Ingérop Group is a consulting engineering group that complies with the laws and regulations in force in the countries where it operates.

In particular, the Ingérop Group refuses to accept any violation of anti-corruption laws or irregular practice and misconduct in its commercial and operational activities.

Thus, no entity of the Group or its representative shall, directly or indirectly, promise or grant an unjustified payment, monetary or of any other nature, material or immaterial, to any public official or private person, in return for an improper benefit.

Our Commitment to Fair Competition

No entity of the Group or its representative may distort a tendering procedure or a consultation with clients. Thus, the Group supports fair and genuine competition.

Our Commitment to Transparency

The Ingérop Group occasionally participates, in compliance with applicable regulations, in sponsorship and patronage actions that contribute to its external or internal communication.


Integrity of Our Clients, Business Partners and Suppliers

Relationships with Clients

The Ingérop Group checks, within the limits of its resources, who are the funding parties of the operations for which it agrees to provide services.

The Ingérop Group refrains from conducting any transaction, even at the request of a client, that is suspected to be in violation of the law, or the Ingérop Code of Integrity.

Relationships with Business Partners

The Ingérop Group asks its business partners, subcontractors, and commercial agents - to respect its commitment to integrity and refusal to accept corruption.

Thus, the Ingérop Group considers integrity to be a key component of long-term business success and it commits to collaborate only with partners who meet its integrity requirements.

All relationships with business partners must be described and regulated by contracts. No remuneration shall be paid without duly issued and justified invoices.

Relationships with Suppliers

The Ingérop Group selects its suppliers of goods and services based on objective criteria, in particular price, quality and performance in compliance with its policies and Code of Integrity.


Integrity of Our Employees

Our Employee Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of each employee in the Ingérop Group to be aware and comply with the Code of Integrity. He/she must carry out his/her duties with all parties involved, whilst respecting the principles of professionalism, integrity, independence and the values of the Ingérop Group.

It is strictly prohibited to encourage a third party to commit or deliberately engage in illegal acts.

Fraud or falsification of documents is not permitted, either for personal gain or to respond to the solicitation of another person or company, this applies specifically to work supervision operations.

Prevention of Conflict of Interest

If an employee finds himself/herself in a situation of conflict between a personal interest and his/her duty of professionalism and independence in the performance of his/her duties, he/she must inform either their supervisor or Ingérop's Compliance Officer, so that they can assess the importance of this conflict of interest and take appropriate measures.

For example, an Ingérop employee must inform the Group of any mission that would be proposed to carry out in his own name by a supplier, a customer or a competitor of the company.

Gifts and Hospitality Policy

Gifts, invitations and other courtesies received or given in the course of business relations with clients, business partners and suppliers are not prohibited, provided they are reasonable in terms of value, frequency and duration.

They must comply with the professional situation of the concerned persons and with local regulations. However, they must be properly recorded in an accounting system.

In case of doubt, an employee must seek the opinion of his/her superiors or Ingérop's Compliance Officer.


Reward and Discipline Policy

Any breach of the rules of integrity or a violation of this code - regardless of the sanctions provided for by law - is punishable by disciplinary measures.

Ingérop Group believes that rewards and recognition are powerful tools to promote integrity as a part of its culture, therefore it will include an assessment of integrity behaviour into employee performance appraisal system.


Integrity of Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing Policy

Any employee or an individual can express concern and report suspicious circumstances to the Ingérop Compliance Officer regarding violation of the provisions of this Code of Integrity.

Reports will be analysed and, where appropriate, measures will be taken to correct the irregularities.

As a tool to report any misconduct the Ingérop Group offers an Integrity Postal Address, an Integrity E-Mail and an Integrity GreenLine:
+(33)6 43 06 98 38

Any employee who makes a report, in a disinterested manner and in good faith, concerning facts of which he/she is directly aware, shall benefit from the protection recognised by law. All information will be kept confidential and protected in accordance with policies and procedures implemented within the Ingérop Group.


The chairman, Yves METZ