Fleet landing stage - Military port of Brest

Fleet landing stage - Military port of Brest


DRSID of Brest (Regional body of the Department in charge of the defense infrastructure)

Montant des travaux

14 M€


Design and Construction, Engineering Management


Brest (29)

The consortium including Charier / SemenTP / Demathieu & Bard / Ducrocq / Ingérop / DCNS has been entitled by the DRSID of Brest to design, build and maintain over 7 years the mooring lines for the call of the European Multi-Mission Frigates (FREMM) inside the military port of Brest. 

INGEROP is in charge of the design studies and the works supervision. 

The first mooring line, conceived as part of the definite section of the general contract, was completed on 2013.


Characterisitics :

As part of a genuine innovation, this 160 m length-floating- dock has a double level construction:

  • An upper deck allowing cars, people and trucks to channel directly to the ship,  
  • A covered lower deck for the operating staff and enabling the various and necessary easements during the ships’ stopovers (electricity HV, BT, diesel, drinking water, wastewater,…).

This design offers a high level of comfort, ergonomics and security in comparison with a simple deck construction not only for the users (fleet and the Navy staff) but also for the operating and maintenance staff. 

Fleet landing stage - Military port of Brest