Our mission statement

For nearly 30 years, Ingerop, a benchmark player in engineering and consulting in sustainable mobility, energy transition and living environment, has been working on the current and future challenges faced by cities.

Encouraged by a component of the Pacte law intending for companies to better share their values with their employees and to take social and environmental issues into account, Ingerop wanted to establish a mission statement that resonates at both an individual and collaborative level, putting forward ambitious teamwork for our planet and enriching the lives of all.

A noble, humane and responsible mission statement, accompanied by four new values encompassing Ingerop’s previous values:

  • Freedom is embodied first of all in the group’s total independence and its ability to act without constraint via its shareholder structure made up by a significant portion of its executives. It is this freedom that allows employees to explore a wide range of possibilities to offer the best solutions to their customers.
  • Innovation calls for ingenuity and agility. It marks the ability of Ingerop employees to adapt, to create, and to take part in tackling the disruptions that are affecting our digital and ecological environment. It aims to forge partnerships within the research world and to commit to our intrapreneurship program IN3.
  • Responsibility is characterized by the entrepreneurial spirit, the contractual obligation to achieve results, and the moral commitment that the group has towards its customers, the planet and its employees.
  • Excellence, on the other hand, calls for finding the most fitting solutions to master a project’s complexity. It is also a commitment from Ingerop to its employees to help develop their competencies, expertise, and interpersonal skills.

With this mission statement and these values, Ingerop continues to grow.