Tramway of Zaragoza


Mairie de Saragosse


Technical assistance and direction of works
Operation study


Saragosse (Espagne)

The north-south line of the Zaragoza tramway, which is under construction, has a total length of 12.8 km, 25 stations and connects the districts Valdespartera and Park Goya, crossing the center of the city.

In the central section of the historic city center, the tram will move without the need for a catenary system due to the accumulation of energy on board.

In the execution process of the first line of the Zaragoza tramway, the Ingerop engineering group, Ayesa and Sering, are responsible for the project management, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the contractual obligations of the concession company "Los tranvías de Zaragoza".

Tramway of Zaragoza