Vision 2025

Our social environment, both in France and around the world, is changing exceedingly quickly. We are having more and more conversations about disruptions and breakages, whether they are digital, ecological, energy or climate related: increasing urbanization, its aftereffects on large-scale public resources, climate change, object connectivity, artificial intelligence, big data and data science; all these factors are gradually shifting the engineering and consulting sector.

Ingerop has displayed its resiliency for many years and is now pushing forward to meet the future challenges that will arise by 2025 by implementing its new strategy, Vision 2025, which revolves around 7 areas of focus.


"Faced with the current climate emergency, Ingerop places ecological and energy transition at the core of its ambitions"

The group wishes to be specifically identified as a major player in ecology, amongst all its components of sustainable development, eco-design, biodiversity and energy transition, and to be recognized for its knowledge and expertise.

Along with fifty-three of its fellow corporations, Ingerop signed the Syntec Engineering climate charter in October 2019. Through this initiative, the signatory corporations commit to create, promote and support all initiatives or proposals aimed at reducing the climate impact of projects, purchases, consumption and travel both within their teams and among their clients.

Charte climat Syntec Ingénierie


"Promoting digitally augmented engineering"

Working better and faster, securing design and construction, helping manage the assets of existing facilities and equipment and optimizing operations through creation and maintenance of the "digital twin" are some of the digital challenges that Ingerop adresses. The same is true of "real-time" engineering, intended to take advantage of the smart capture of instantaneous data from people, connected objects or structures, for the purposes of designing, operating or anticipating crisis situations. IN3, Ingerop’s intrapreneurship program, helps the group to advance on the topic to offer additional services to its clients.


"Growing our human capital"

People are the most crucial asset to Ingerop. Human dimension, well-being at work and the personal and professional development of employees are at the heart of all of Ingerop’s managers’ daily concerns. Recruiting talents, integrating them, providing them with the culture and values of the group to help interest them in pursuing their careers: these are current matters that have been further amplified by the 2020 health crisis.


"Putting our clients at the heart of a varied range of services"

To meet this ambition, Ingerop will adapt its organization to better meet the expectations of its clients and will offer them expanded, targeted, and packaged offers.

Operational Excellency

"Strive for operational excellence"

Operational transformation means tackling internal time-loss within production processes, which weighs not only on financial profitability but also and above all on the motivation of each of the group's employees.

This transformation will require a greater harmonization of practices, a strengthening of the quality of service to internal clients and the increasing deployment of new digital tools.


"Sustainably develop our international presence and synergies within the Group"

The international sector should annually account for 33% of total revenue by 2025. This reasonable objective is based on a territorial presence strategy which will be reinforced.

Strengthening synergies between France and internationally, spreading the group's culture and taking full advantage of Ingerop’s capacities, whether commercial, technical or innovative, are the pillars of Vision 2025’s international strategy to provide homogeneous support to its clients worldwide.


"Developing innovation to benefit teams and clients"

Inventing for tomorrow and innovating have been associated with the culture and values of Ingerop for many years. The IN 3 intrapreneurship program, whose first season launched in 2019, is the driving force behind this innovation process. Following praise and interest from collaborators, the program will be continued in order to support the creative enthusiasm of the teams, to develop in particular the ecological and digital strategies and to offer our clients value added services presenting a break in the market.