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Ingerop is a leading player in France and a major player internationally in engineering and consulting in sustainable mobility, energy transition and living environment and in major issues of today and tomorrow.


Ingerop defines itself in seven business lines:


The engineering group turns itself to technical excellence, expertise, innovation, transversality and adaptation solutions for research and the functional performance of its customers.

At the forefront in all techniques through its scientific and technical leadership and its network of national focal points, thanks to its proximity with the academic world and research through its significant investment in the continuous training of its employees, Ingerop is able to meet all the challenges of today and tomorrow at the service of its customers. Its original territorial organisation, combining poles of reference and territorial proximity, enabling the group to respond appropriately, being closer to local decision makers and to support them over the long term.

Beyond the individual techniques that the teams of Ingerop have mastered, it is the permanent concern of the systemic transversality and the ability to provide an overall vision of integration that drives them.

Independent of any outside shareholder group, Ingerop is directly owned by its management and by the company's mutual investment fund, which guarantees the independence of all of the interventions of the group, both in the design phase, the phase allocation and the supervision of works.

Ingerop is a deeply humane group that puts the quality of social relations, sharing common values, the welfare of all of its employees and their health and safety at work. These are at the center of its concerns, as well as service for its customers and all of the values ​​of commitment, responsibility, performance and confidence which are all intimately linked.

Ingerop is a French independent engineering company, founded in 1992 from the regroupment of INTER G and SEEE two technical engineering companies who complimented each other.

To discover our history:


Ingerop was founded in 1992 by the regrouping of INTER G and SEEE, two companies with complementary technical engineering careers.


INTER G, one of the leading French independent private engineering companies, was established in 1945 after the Second World War. Headed by Jean Commelin, Mining Engineer and then by Michel Destribats, INTER G develops in the field of thermoelectric plants, hotels, hospitals, and participates from the 80s to the new generation of tramways in France, to the dynamic city of Grenoble, as well as the introduction of Hewlett Packard to its new site in Isle d'Abeau near Lyon. In 1984 the company was taken over by the group GTM manufacturer - Grands Travaux de Marseille - with the ambition to develop its core business hand in hand with INTER G’s fields of expertise.


SEEE founded in 1962 by the same GTM group in order to be their department of technical studies on works and complex structures. SEEE was then run by Francis Germain, Engineer of Roads and Bridges, and benefited from the experience of Jean Courbon, professor of the National School of Bridges and Roads. Several significant achievements have marked the history of SEEE with its parent company. Such as:  Pre-stressed concrete containment for the first French nuclear power plants, the Cahora Bassa dam on the Zambezi river in Mozambique,  the Severn Bridge in England, Stade de France , Rion-Antirionbridge over the Gulf of Corinth in Greece.

Over the years, SEEE widely exceeded its role of student services of its parent company, it served its apprenticeship in the management of large linear infrastructure projects, and developed in the fields of construction and industrial installation. In 1992, GTM was assigned to Cristian Delage, Engineer of Arts and Crafts, who succeeded Francis Germain at the head of SEEE in 1988, his mission was to regroup INTER G and SEEE. The new company took the name Ingerop.

Christian Delage, who had succeeded Francis Germain president of SEEE, was the architect of the merger. The new group, formed under the name Ingerop, is multidisciplinary and has strong local roots.

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Ingerop in figures

In France, the group is organised into eight departments: three of them are based at headquarters in Rueil-Malmaison (92 - Paris region) and lead major projects of our business lines in Urban development & transportation and Construction. One is based in Clermont-Ferrand carrying large projects in Energy & Industry activity. The last four, based in Strasbourg, Vienna, Marseille and Bordeaux have a shared activity in all of our business lines.

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In 2020, nearly 30 % of business was conducted abroad either by export or directly from the subsidiaries or sites abroad.

The group continues its steady development in France and abroad both through organic growth and acquisitions, supported by a very healthy financial situation.

Financial independence, technical expertise and its capacity for innovation allows Ingerop to meet all types of tenders and to support its public and private clients.

Its teams constantly develop innovative concepts and solutions to meet the challenges in construction to invent tomorrow.



Ingerop is involved in any stages of the project

The skills of the Ingerop teams enables precise technical assistance and support for the customer in any stages of their projects and onsite.




Our promise: to invent tomorrow

In 2013, Yves METZ, President of the group, proposed a new company project Ambition 2020.




Our ambition is to invent tomorrow!
Inventing tomorrow together with our customers, partners and employees.
Inventing tomorrow for our customers and partners, this means putting our skills, know-how and ingenuity in the service of their projects and construction sites.


Various embodiments translate this ambition, they have already emerged: the construction of the viaduct Vidin Calafat, linking Bulgaria and Romania, but also the "design thinking" creative energy of the Canopy des Halles or the Zaragoza tram.


Inventing tomorrow, for the employees of Ingerop this means a strong internal commitment.

We have set up with the executive committee, eight strategic directions shared by all Group collaborators :

  • Ingerop is recognised as a major player in France of engineering and consultancy in sustainable mobility, energy transition and the environment.
  • Independence, commitment to freedom.
  • The human dimension at the heart of our projects and our actions, drives our corporate culture.
  • Controlled growth of activity, 50% by 2020.
  • Doubling the share of international business in the group.
  • A recurring profitability at the current level of 6% of EBIT.
  • The technical creativity of engineering at the forefront of the challenges in the service of creating value for our customers.
  • Mastering the complexity and integration of solutions, along with proximity.


Ingerop is certified ISO 9001 (2008), ISO 14001 (2004) and OHSAS 18001 (2007).

These certifications are related to the mission of engineering design and implementation in the fields of construction, water, energy and environment, industry, infrastructure and transport.


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